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The pictures above and below are of a property at Marino. Designed and constructed by Hand Made Gardens to remedy a block steeply sloping towards the rear of the property.

A retaining wall was constructed on the rear boundary and the area was filled 800mm to give a flat area for the garden, and new fence was installed on top of the wall.

Click to see larger image.
Click to see larger images.

Above: Large trees removed, levelling of site underway.


This West Lakes property had all of the existing trees removed because of the problems they were causing with foundations and paths. The owners had us replace them with a new lawn ,garden edging and plantings. A Pittosporum "Screen Master" hedge was planted to screen the rear fence and a Manchurian Pear was planted as a feature tree. A water feature chosen by the owners was installed in the courtyard. A simple design but containing all the features the clients requested.   

A Hewnstone urn on a low pedestal was installed as a water feature. Automatic irrigation and low voltage lighting  completed the job.


Above: Earthworks almost finished, landscaping yet to be started.



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